3000 Series Quick Coupler Suppressors



[BW3040QC] Non-Reflex Quick Coupler

A unique bearing-free design for reliable operation.

quick coupling suppressor





3000 Series Non-Reflex Suppressors


[BW3040] Non-Reflex

Compact design for calibers up to 300 Win.

quick coupling suppressor



[BW3040BR] Non-Reflex

Ideal suppression and recoil reduction up to 300WM.




[BW3045BR] Non-Reflex with Integral Recoil Brake

Best for taming the hardest hitting magnums.

recoil brake suppressor







4000 Series Reflex Suppressors 



[BW4045] Reflex

Our benchmark reflex suppressor.



[BW4045BR] Reflex with Integral Recoil Brake

Maximum recoil braking on our bullet proof reflex platform.


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Proudly designed and built in South Africa.


Please note that technical specifications may change without prior notice.