SUS-TAC has various ranges of bullet heads for many applications. Engineered to best suit its desired use, these bullets have shown that with careful design and the correct choice of bullet you can achieve your goals.

SUS-TAC Rough Hunting

When using the SUS-TAC Rough Hunting range, you will engoy the benefits of a high velocity, low drag bullet which stabilizes quickly while transferring maximum energy into the animal when hit. The bullet mushrooms open by as much as 250% while loosing almost no mass at all. This provides impressive stopping power without the bullet fragmenting and damaging the precious surrounding meat.

SUS-TAC Rough Target

Will be launched soon...keep a lookout for this in the near future.
Construction  :    Precision CNC Machined
Material of Construction  :    Copper Mono Metal (Monolythic)
Caliber and Weight :    0.223"   - 45gr,  55gr,  70gr
  0.243"   - 65gr,  90gr,  105gr
  0.270"   - 
  0.308"   - 155gr,  165gr,  185gr
  0.338"   - 200gr,  250gr,  270gr
Finish  :    CNC Machined / Polished


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Proudly designed and built in South Africa.


Please note that technical specifications may change without prior notice.