Why use a Suppressor?



One might think that sound suppression is the main objective of a suppressor, the SUS-TAC suppressor range does a whole lot more than just reduce sound. As you read this, you will come to realize the many benefits of owning a suppressor.  With reduced noise, you will enjoy great benefits in many ways, such as not scaring the animals away as easily while hunting, not disturbing a fellow shooter at a competition, too allowing your family and friends to stand near you while shooting.


A great advantage of the SUS-TAC suppressor is the vast reduction in recoil. When used with our recoil brake attached to the front of the suppressor, the recoil can be reduced as much as 60%. As an added advantage, this setup also softens the shock of the recoil into more of a gentle push. This will allow your wife or youngster to shoot the weapon with ease. 


A standard muzzle brake receives the full force of the unsuppressed blast and will redirect the associated sound concussion backwards toward the user and observers. SUS-TAC's recoil brakes being connected directly to the outlet of our highly efficient suppressor does not suffer this same drawback. With intelligent design factors, the recoil brakes can now significantly reduce recoil. 


The SUS-TAC suppressor range controls the muzzle flash through strict control of the hot gasses leaving the barrel. With the use of SUS-TAC's internal baffles and correctly sized cans the flash is significantly reduced or even eliminated. This control also removes the concussive blast associated with standard muzzle brakes. 



The SUS-TAC suppressor makes the gun more manageable, allowing the shooter to focus more on aiming rather than worrying about flinching due to recoil.

With the reduced sound level, the user can now stop wearing cumbersome hearing protection and use foam ear plugs instead. 


When shooting with the SUS-TAC suppressor attached, the rifle will . 


With the SUS-TAC suppressor range, the report from the gun is reduced to a level that it becomes indistinguishable from the sonic crack of the projectile. This "hides" the shooters position. This effect is enhanced with the fact that the muzzle flash is reduced significantly using the SUS-TAC suppressor that the visual signature is miniscule.


With a SUS-TAC suppressor installed, you will benefit by having a greatly reduced dust cloud being kicked up when a shot is fired in a prone position. This has multiple advantages such as making the shooters environment milder during a shooting session. If a spotter is required, they will be able to sit/lie closer to the shooter. It also allows more flexibility when choosing a location to shoot. Lastly, with the clever control of the gasses produced, you will also be able to shoot in more confined spaces and competition scenarios without affecting yourself or the person shooting next to you.