The SUS-TAC NON-MAGNUM Series Suppressors are a modular suppressor which has an integral Recoil Brake added to the front of it. The SUS-TAC Recoil Brake is a clever design as it reduces recoil significantly without increasing the dB reading. This has been tested numerous times and we found that this design does not increase the dB's when compared to shooting without the recoil brake.

It utilize an extremely efficient internal design to provide maximum possible suppression and recoil. They are produced to effectively reduce sound pressure within a minimal size housing as well as reduce recoil by up to 60%!

SUS-TAC's NON-MAGNUM Series suppressors pass, and with the performance models even exceed, the US Military Specification for hearing safe operation (without any hearing protection) by up to as much as 12dB.

The SUS-TAC NON-MAGNUM Series are non-reflex suppressors which attach to the end of the barrel with a screw thread. The units are available in virtually any thread.

  • Significantly reduced recoil with the integral brake
  • Modular design allows user to easily remove and re-install the recoil brake at any point
  • Accurate, and in some cases improved, shot groupings
  • CNC precision billet machined parts for tighter tolerances
  • Stainless steel Internals for higher abrasion resistance
  • Optional Titanium or Aluminium internals for extra weight savings
  • Attractive exterior styling with CeraKote for protection

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Indexable Recoil Brake  :    Yes, Removable Modular Design
Housing Material  :    Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Finish  :    CeraKote: Black, Grey, Tan, Olive Green
Diameter  :    40mm (1.57") OD
Barrel Connection  :    Threaded.  Click for Details
Titanium Option  :    Titanium Internals (Replaces Stainless Steel)




The SUS-TAC WHISPER is our flagship model. This design is a no compromise performance orientated suppressor. With the cone count increased by 40% over the standard version, this suppressor reduces sound pressure by an impressive 33+ dB(C). Recoil is also reduced by a high 53% making for a very pleasurable shooting experience.

Added to this is that any time the gun is not fired for approximately 5 to 10 minutes any suppressor will fill with fresh air (containing oxygen) and cause a "First Round Pop" or "FRP" to occur. Most silencer designs suffer from a FRP of up to 10 dB louder than subsequent shots. The advantage of this silencer is that it almost completely removes the "FRP" effect. This is important as this can effect the user in many situations such as when hunting or in shooting competitions between rounds as the FRP will in most cases not be hearing safe. Not with this suppressor!!! 
Caliber Range  :    .222 - .30-06 
Sound Reduction  :    +-33 dB(C)
dB at Muzzle (.30-06)  :    +-132 dB(C)
dB at Ear (.30-06)  :    +-127 dB(C)
Recoil Reduction  :    +-53%
Total Length  :    317mm
Length Added to Gun  :    302mm
Material Selection  :    Click for Details
 SS Weight  :    +-469g  (1.03lb)  (16.55oz)
 SA Weight  :    +-g  (lb)  (oz)
 TT Weight  :    +-368g  (0.81lb)  (12.98oz)
 TA Weight  :    +-353g  (0.78lb)  (12.45oz)



The SUS-TAC HUNTER is a very versatile suppressor as it has a good compromise between size and weight, and performance. With this combination the user receives the benefit of significant sound suppression and a staggering 57% improved recoil with only a moderate weight being added to the rifle.

Accuracy is generally improved due to a few factors. One of the factors noticed is because the recoil is reduced so much it reduces the tendency to "flinch" when pulling the trigger.
Caliber Range  :    .222 - .30-06
Sound Reduction  :    +-31 dB(C)
dB at Muzzle (.30-06)  :    +-134 dB(C)
dB at Ear (.30-06)  :    +-129 dB(C)
Recoil Reduction  :    +-57%
Total Length  :    275mm
Length Added to Gun  :    260mm
Material Selection  :    Click for Details
 SS Weight  :    +-418g  (0.92lb)  (14.74oz)
 SA Weight  :    +-g  (lb)  (oz)
 TT Weight  :    +-325g  (0.72lb)  (11.46oz)
 TA Weight  :    +-316g  (0.70lb)  (11.15oz)